Portable Sheep Yards

STEER can help you with your yarding
Steer Manufacturing have been providing Australian sheep farmers with practical sheep handling products since 1957. So when you need a reliable handling system that is versatile, interchangeable and completely portable, Steer Manufacturing have a system for you.

Steer's range of portable sheep handling systems can adapt for use in a variety of situations and are all designed to make the job easier and more efficient - saving you time and money.

Today's sheep yard needs to be able to handle a variety of applications from elevated classing systems, showers and jetting races through to foot disease control units and remote control equipment for drafting, blocking gate control.

How STEER sheep yards work...
1. Simply take the complete yard to the work area of your choice. Remove 2 pins and lower drafting racfe to ground level.
2. Using the simple and safe deep hooking fittings, assemble the yard in the configuration you require.
3. And operate knowing that you have complete and safe control over your livestock.


Yard Capacities
This information may assist you to select size yard needed:

Panel Hold Work
16 340 170
20 530 265
25 765 385
30 896 450
40 1536 770
50 2130 1110
60 3328 1660
70 4800 2400
80 6165 3080
100 8535 4260

Above figures based on forming square yard and allowing 6 sq.ft. for working and 3 sq. ft. for holding.

Your Alternatives.

Skid - PSY0S16  
If your on a tight budget or you have a small flock then the skid sheep yard is the system for you. It features a 10' 3-way draft which doubles as a loading ramp supplied with 6' panels and like all Steer products it's engineered to work Available in 16, 20, 25 panel sets
Mobile 2 - PSY0216
Mobile Two is the complete answer to your portable yarding needs. It's Steer's most popular unit and it's ideal for jetting, muesling, lamb marking, foot control and crutching. It features a 10' 3-way draft on wheels that fold down for quick setup and is supplied with 8' panels for greater capacity
Loading Ramp - PSY0L16
All the great features of Mobile 2, also doubles as a loading ramp, The original model on the Australian market to have this feature.

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