Steer SBSY08 - Pipe rails


STEER make a large range of permanent and relocatable sheep yards to cater for the small flock owner up to the largest sheep station.

All Steer yards are custom made to client order.

Yards are available in standard rectangular layouts, Bugle style or circular styles that are more popular.

We have over 100 different yard designs to choose from or you may wish to have us custom design it for you.

All products are made from the best Australian materials.

Standard Specification:

Our standard range panels are 6 rail pipe with the lower section spaced to prevent lambs from getting through. They are made to suit each yard layout and can be either post to plate or plate to plate depending on where they are located. All panels are on footplates and have bolt together connections. Long panels have a centre support strap Posts are all capped to protect from the weather. All materials used are pre galvanised.

All gates are made in frames and are factory pre-hinged to ensure sag free operation and come with chain catches.

The drafting race is sheeted, and 3 metres long with 3 way drafting gates. The top is free of operator obstructions. A drop in blocking gate is provided at the end of the race.

Stock rail is offered at extra cost.

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Steer SBSY08 - Stock RailSteer SBSY08 - Stock Rail


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