Wall, Roof & Floor Systems


Steel house frames provide several advantages for builders such as greater design flexibility due to their much high strength to weight ratio. They also do not rot, shrink or warp and are much easier to assemble once on site, reducing the risks on the job site.

Steel framing is able to be put to use in a variety of building projects, single or multi-story. Design requirements specific to commercial buildings, such as strong roof-frames for industrial air-conditioning units, are easily met with steel, a material proven to carry weights of up to 1000kg in such applications.

Steer Manufacturing frames are fabricated to the following standards:

  • AS1170.1 – 1989: SAA Loading Code – Part 1 Dead and Live Loads
  • AS1170.2 – 1989: SAA Loading Code – Part 2 Wind Loads
  • AS4055-1992: Wind Loads for Housing
  • AS3623-1993: Nash standard for housing
  • AS4600-1996: Cold Form Structures Code

Steel frame homes are also great for the owner builder as they cut out the 20 percent builder’s commission that you would normally have to pay and can be erected by anyone with average mechanical ability.



Steel roof truss systems can be provided to suit all types of roof construction. The strength and uniformity of the steel members enables standard design trusses to be used for spans up to 15 metres. Steel or timber battens can be fixed to the trusses for either metal roofing or roof tiles. Lightweight steel roof battens provide substantial benefit over their timber equivalents. They are straight, and remain so, long after they are installed.

With the use of the ENDUROTRUSS® system, Steer Manufacturing can easily produce a wide range of trusses; common, gable, dual pitch- you name it!




Raised flooring is used in around one-fifth of dwellings in Australia for various reasons. Ease of installation and resistance to termite damage are two such reasons. These sub-floor systems consist of cold-formed steel bearers and joists installed on either steel or brickwork pillars. Due to the superior strength of steel, fewer pillars are required when steel is used and adjustable levelling of these pillars allows for easy and quick installation.

The use of steel for sub-floor systems then adds another layer of defence to elevated flooring. Steel is termite-proof and does not attract termites. Coupled with steel house frames and roof trusses, such a construction would guarantee strength, longevity and protection for that building.

The ENDUROFLOOR™ system is designed to be used as part of the ENDUROFRAME® system but could also potentially be used as a standalone floor system to rest on other wall frames.

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